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Medium twin-turbine helicopter
Most common role as a transport helicopter
Also used as an airborne command post, armed gunship, and reconnaissance platform
As of 2015, it is the third most common operational military aircraft in the world

Technical data

Length:18.17 m (59 ft 7 in)
Rotor diameter:21.29 m (69 ft 10 in)
Height:5.65 m (18 ft 6 in)
Disc area:356 m² (3,832 ft²)
Empty weight:7,260 kg (16,007 lb)
Max takeoff weight:12,000 kg (26,455 lb)
Powerplant:2 × Klimov TV3-117Mtturboshafts, 1,454 kW (1,950 shp) each
Max speed:260 km/h (140 kt)
Range:450 km (280 mi)
Service ceiling:4,500 m (14,765 ft)